paths, open into entrepreneurial minds, find success and also some parts can make one sob into tears! Mr. Kazungu came a long way from that fateful day when he, a classically trained on Business Management as Businessman on Diploma level, a Hotelier, a Computer Tutor, I.C.T and Maintenance, and by God’s grace, confirmed Born again Christian, realized that human life is a grander and more profound than even his rigorous business training had led him to believe in. Educated as an academic, he got his Primary certificate from Kambi Ya Waya Primary school after having been on school transfers from Bura Mapotea Primary to Kakoneni Primary due to dark life poverty he grew up in through, back then! And he got his certificate of ‘0’ level from Malindi High Secondary school that’s in Malindi District, currently in Kilifi County, in Kenya’s coast province and in Kenyan’s North coast where he was born. He then received his undergraduate Diploma on I.C.T from Camara University, an Australian University branch based in Mombasa. And he in 2018 graduated for his ‘Advance Diploma’ on his further “Business Management and Human Resource Affair studies” from the Excellence Training Institute School of Business management in Ukunda, Mombasa Kenya. He has been on the Computer teaching faculties of several University I.C.T training schools, and for 12 years he served as a self-independent entrepreneur young man, in different Giant companies like ‘Swissgarde Company from South Africa, and ‘Edmark international company’ from Philippine.Life has lots of important parts of the puzzle, but there are also other important pieces, and one must know them all and know them well. Mr. Kazungu studied many authors, healers, mediums, psychics, and others involved in holistic and alternative practices, and he learnt that there are other avenues to one’s physical and spiritual awakening toward one’s success on this mother Earth.


His books represent the culmination of 3 decades he practically did live in absolute peaceful with his Parents. But then he lost his own elder Sister, then he lost his Father, then he lost his Mother in his way of life. It is his attempt to remind you about love and joy and to teach you how to bring these qualities into your life now, while you are in physical state. You will find a great deal and hard cores of how life sometimes drops us into valleys, as we all row on our boats of life when in this world! There are many practical events that occurred in him, and everything put in here, is not a myth, but truth of the matter only to motivate you, to reaching your destiny. The ultimate key is “accepting yourself and understanding your “positive thinking.” As you understand your true nature and your true purpose, your life will be permanently transformed, and then you can begin to transform the world. Kazungu’s life has been changing the same way. Past lives are still a significant concept and value for us as humans, but understanding and valuing our every positive thoughts and experiencing and expressing love, joy, and inner peace in our everyday life must become more significant. That attitude of accepting who you are; toward your really life, is a gear giving speed toward your life Dream. And this awakening led him to physical and spiritual growth and understanding of Kazungu’s true life Dream; which is success in his life endeavours. Success, Trauma, sorrow, pains and regrets after losing hisElder sister with both his Parents struck him badly, but he survived! For this is what he calls as his books entitled being the 1st as “The Wheel Of Life,” the 2nd as “The Passion Of My Destiny,” the 3rd as “The Jungle Of Life,” and the 4th as “The Traumatized Orphan.” In any successful Dream; there must be a well calculated Math! Only Prayers before God saved Kazungu. Especially over the past centuries, we have been searching for stability toward real success by reviving ancient wisdom, as if the sheer volume of our scientific and technological advances have thrown us out of balance. Fortunately, we have also been distilling this old wisdom to discard outdated superstitions and myths. Our consciousness has finally evolved into accepting this filtered wisdom of the ages. We are swimming in a sea of New age, holistic, physical and spiritual awareness that seems to have flooded over the dams of old beliefs and of constricted consciousness. The evidence is everywhere. But ‘new Positive thought’ can help us living in our Dreams. For several hundred years, people have mistakenly believed that technology, once fully developed, would solve the ills of mankind, that science would provide the path out the woods, away from illness, poverty, misery, and pain. We now know that technology and science alone without God there in, are not capable of solving our problems. Technology can be used for good or for bad purposes. Only when used with enlightenment, wisdom, and balance can technology truly help us toward fulfilling of our life Dreams? Hard work with determination in our deeds can help us reach our goals. But we should not forget to make a correct Math with Speed! But all to be done in true love of Life. Love is the fulcrum of this balance, and God is love. When people have intense physical and spiritual experiences, the energy of love is nearly always evoked. This form of love is unconditional, absolute, and transcendent. It is like a pulse of pure energy, and energy that also possesses powerful attributes, such as wisdom, compassion, timeless, and sublime consciousness and true awareness of who you are in your really life.

Love helped Kazungu to fight against Trauma feelings after losing his elder sister and his both parents, love helped him against Covid-19 bad feelings, and against all setbacks! Love is the most basic and pervasive energy that exists on our ways to reach our life Dreams? It is the essence of our being and of our universe. Love is the fundamental “building block” of nature connecting and unifying all things, all people. Love is more than a goal, more than a fuel, more than an ideal. Love is our nature. We are love. I hope this true philosophy ideas with life written books, will teach you how to recognize love unto your dreamt life way against all odds; how to cultivate and enlarge your experience of love (especially toward yourself, in your life challenges,) and how to manifest and radiate your love to others. By doing so, you will inevitably vanquish life challenges and experience more joy, health, and happiness in your successful life.

Through Kazungu’s personal experience in life, he learnt that love is the ultimate healer to our successful endeavours even when badly hurt. In the near future some attributes of its energy will indeed be studied scientifically, and will be qualified, measured, and understood.

Other attributes will remain mysterious, transcendent, and beyond measurement. Fortunately, when the energy of love is deeply felt, its destiny healing effects are experienced, whether or not it is measured or understood. Physicists know that everything is energy. Nuclear bombs are built based upon techniques of energy transformation and release. The results are vastly different, but the underlying mechanisms are the same: energy transformations. Kazungu remembered being hurt in life but he overcame pains and bruises through the energy of love that is potentially more powerful than any bomb and more subtle than any herb. We as humans just have not yet learnt how to harness this most basic and pure energy toward our life pursues. When we do, success on all levels, individual and planetary, can occur. Now is the opportunity to understand and to experience the energy that is common to and connects all of these experiences, phenomena, and beings. Last but not least, our souls are always drawn onto success toward love. When we truly comprehend the concept that love is an all-encompassing energy whose real success pulse can quickly transform our bodies, minds, and souls, then we will transcend our chronic pain and ills and move on into our true life healing even after we are badly hurt and Traumatised.