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Mr. Stephen Kazungu Chemni was born in 1984 on 7th July in Malindi Musoloni area in North coast. He came from his father Mr. Douglass Karisa Chemni and his Mother Eliza Karisa Chemni. Born in a very poor family, Mr. Kazungu believed in God, he believed in himself, he believed in good fate, and he believed in good Karma with a successful destiny. Mr. Kazungu is a well-trained Hotelier who worked in the Hotel Industry as a General Manager for a Decade, and he is a Professional Author and Entrepreneur who is a Director of his own Cybercafe and Computer Teaching College based in Diani Beach, Ukunda Kenya. He lives in Malindi with his lovely family, but he spends his most years’ time in Diani Beach with his Queen wife Lydiah; whom he in a lovely way, calls her ‘the Queen of Africa.

With their 2 children namely Israel Pato Kazungu and Anne Princess Kazungu, all live together at Kazungu’s home in Diani beach, he graciously terms it as an Estate. Mr. Kazungu with his family are born again Christians, who believe in God the creator through Jesus Christ as their saviour. To Mr. Kazungu with his family, they entirely believe in  God of Israel, as the creator; and Kazungu in a lovely way, he nicknamed himself with his family as “The Blessed Israelites in Jesus Name.” He is an Entrepreneur owning his own businesses, as well as he is a martial artist who does Karate for his own life self-defense.

Mr. Kazungu is happily married to his wife, Lydiah Sidi Kazungu, whom he calls her the Queen of Africa. They are happy together with their children Israel Pato Kazungu and Anne Princess Kazungu. To Kazungu’s own knowledgeable philosophy, “Life is a grace from God the creator, and we all need to embrace it with great hearts’ thanksgiving.”

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Mr. Kazungu’s books represent the culmination of 3 decades he practically did live in absolute peaceful with his Parents. But then he lost his own elder Sister, then he lost his Father, then he lost his Mother in his way of life. It is his attempt to remind you about love and joy and to teach you how to bring these qualities into your life now, while you are in physical state. You will find a great deal and hard cores of how life sometimes drops us into valleys, as we all row on our boats of life when in this world! There are many practical events that occurred in him, and everything put in here, is not a myth, but truth of the matter only to motivate you, to reaching your destiny.

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I whole heartedly request you to please, carry your logical, rational mind in my 4 books,

To accept their whole taken out facts without reflection, contemplation, and thoughtfulness; even though I know some facts will make you cry and others will make you laugh. Science is the art of observing carefully with an unbiased, non-prejudicial eye, and religion is about having faith in God. I personally have tried to do them both. On my hardship life, I have encountered with some extremely talented people – Pastors, Psychics, mediums, healers, great authors, and others – and I encountered with even more who have limited talent or skill and are mostly opportunists. I have spent a few years of my young age learning and applying scientific method and my skeptical mind is always on alert, passing all my experiences through between a True Godly religion and science toward reaching my life dream. But I have also been careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In my true given out facts about how I was born in poverty, grew up in poverty, saved by God grace into Salvation through Jesus Christ, got blessed by God into successful life, and also suffered in my traumatised life after losing my loved ones; one person or experience might be disappointing, but the next might be truly extraordinary and should not be discounted because of the previous events.


The Book that will lead you to know where Mr. Stephen Kazungu came from as a man. How he got dropped down by life circumstances after school! How he landed on to houseboy working jobs for years, then on to tout like hawking jobs before saving some coins and started going on for career training jobs. The book that will leave you with good memory of how one can start from a humble beginning to a really successful destiny. 1st published in 2014. Author Mr. Stephen Kazungu Chemni.

The book that will make you find your real way towards your success. In this Book Mr. Stephen Kazungu clearly tells us how there are lots of possibilities in life, and that we can achieve entirely on any target if we will not give up on God. You will see how Kazungu started his business from down to earth and by God’s grace as he believed in Him, and in himself as well, then he rose up to a successful entrepreneur in his homeland Kenya. He failed many times, got setbacks and disappointments, but “the never give up attitude” made him successful in his entrepreneurship world. 1st published in 2016. Author Mr. Stephen Kazungu Chemni.

The book that will show you how Mr. Stephen Kazungu Chemni was tossed up so badly that he almost lost hope to life. See how he overcame fate after having started seeing God’s favour after a long time of struggling with his parents in life. Then when Kazungu got a nice Job and wanted to settle down with his parents, then sickness from nowhere in particular struck his father and the father died! Kazungu was left with a heart scar, and it was tough on him. His father left him behind with his mother, his siblings, not forgetting his then young family to look after. But with his deep Godly Trust, Kazungu succeeded and stood up strong for his life with his family. We are never defeated until we give up on God.1st: Published in 2018. Author Mr. Stephen Kazungu Chemni.

The Book that will definitely let you think it’s a film, yet it’s a reality. In this Book Kazungu almost faced death as he was in agony and misery fighting against Cervical Cancer disease that attacked his own Mother. He almost fought with Police men and Doctors, but he thrived on as a man. Mr. Kazungu kept praying unceasingly to God, he used all he had and went bankrupt as he in an untiringly way served his mother in love, but still his mother died in his own hands when in Hospital. He completely lost hope for life, but God saved him. He got into agony and misery, he swam into pangs of pain, and then Covid-19 struck him hard like anybody else? And to kazungu, it was a triple tragedy Pandemic, for he had no parents, but his wife stood by him, and with him. And he thrived on and got blessed by God, where again, he raised up in faith and hope from down to earth, on to a well kept up grace stage by God, for Kazungu strongly believed in himself that yes, he could be a victory man in life. And from Kazungu’s philosophy, life is a race that needs to be fearless taken.   1st: Published in 2021.