I whole heartedly request you to please, carry your logical, rational mind in my 4 books,

To accept their whole taken out facts without reflection, contemplation, and thoughtfulness; even though I know some facts will make you cry and others will make you laugh. Science is the art of observing carefully with an unbiased, non-prejudicial eye, and religion is about having faith in God. I personally have tried to do them both. On my hardship life, I have encountered with some extremely talented people – Pastors, Psychics, mediums, healers, great authors, and others – and I encountered with even more who have limited talent or skill and are mostly opportunists. I have spent a few years of my young age learning and applying scientific method and my skeptical mind is always on alert, passing all my experiences through between a True Godly religion and science toward reaching my life dream. But I have also been careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In my true given out facts about how I was born in poverty, grew up in poverty, got saved by God’s grace into Salvation through Jesus Christ, got blessed by God into successful life. And I also suffered in my trauma experienced life after losing my loved ones; one person or experience might be disappointing, but the next might be truly extraordinary and should not be discounted because of the previous events.

I have written my books only to share out with my fellow humans on how life can bring bitter herbs in our way toward rolling on our life boats. After reading hundreds and thousands of successful and sorrowful books and novels, I pondered how important other entrepreneurial, life giving skills, and Traumatised books could be? After all, successful giving books and Traumatised story books seem to be everywhere these days. What would others add? But learning is such an individual process, I remembered, dependent on style, timing, personal preferences, values, and so many factors. Other people, in books or seminars or by example may tell you similar things about how life in general is, but perhaps in a different way. Even though there may be one pain, or one truth to a successful life or a traumatised life, many approaches exist to this painful truth. Yet the answer is always the same; the pain did not change. Sorrowful life is all about enduring, and be decisively with discipline in all our Failures; interacting among ourselves; as we are here on earth. It does not mean that one Philosophic teacher about success, sorrow and pain is better than the others or that the methods and philosophy of that teacher are superior. Just different, that is all. What works for you is fine, and what does not work for you will work for someone else. We are all struggling to make it to our green land; many call it “a Destiny.”

Therefore, throughout my books are true exercises and true various techniques, true experienced life shared out to help, and to transform you directly toward your life Dreams. In my life here, I many times failed but rose up again, and I still fall into the ruts and potholes of life, swept away at times by pride or envy or insecurity. We are all human and life is hard. There is no easy life journey; frustration is a normal and common reaction. We cannot live in Heaven on Earth, as we know we are not a patient species. But with good positive thoughts inside of us; we can definitely live in our Dreams! Successful life does not come easily in a silver plate! But if you are evolving into a more loving, more compassionate, less violent person, then you are moving in the right direction.  My path to understanding more about painful life came through few years of arduous academic study, culminating in my Business Management world, and in the Hotel industry as an Hotelier, where I encountered with many and different people both from my country and International. Also from a very sorrowful life after losing my Elder Sister and my both Parents, I learnt that there are many roads with thorns in life, but as we endure in through them, we become successful. Together we can explore them. Our beliefs can be altered by the power and immediacy of personal experience. You can begin to understand something when you experience its essence. Your belief becomes a knowing. It is not enough just to read about the concepts presented here or to rely exclusively on the experiences of others, those presented as examples or illustrations of the concepts.

Like me, you may be distracted, lose a loved one or loved ones, and make wrong turns at times, lost in the jungle of life till you find the way back. It may seem as if you are taking two steps forward and then one step backwards, but that’s all right. A dreamt life does not happen in an overnight! That’s how it works when we’re in human form; struggling with life. Fighting over sorrow and trauma is a slow, hard and arduous process, requiring dedication, prayers, entirely trust in God and discipline. As I learnt in life, it’s perfectly fine to rest now and then. You are not really going backwards; you are consolidating and resting. Progress is not always linear. It is important not to judge yourself. If you don’t judge yourself or allow others to judge you, you will not become frustrated. The story and experiences you will encounter as you go through my books are all truth, and not myth ones, and are meant to aid your evolution into a loving, joyful, non-violent, and non-fearful being toward your life. Since progress along the success destiny path is not linear, you may find some of the concepts and life stories quite easy and some difficult. This is to be expected. I have cried many times and fallen down many times, recovered my awareness, and resumed my journey. You probably have also. With my true facts books about success and sorrowful life, I hope to help you to fall less frequently and to find it easier to recover and to progress over any painful life. I know with your letters and feedback to me, you will help me in the same way.

Without the true academic knowledge studies, experienced hard life, and God’s wisdom upon me; my books would never have been written, for some of these quotes are like bitter herbs and some are like stepping-stones to ideas and practices that are presented in the chapters. The true experienced actions, ideas, thoughts, and concepts contained by my research in my books are like special seeds that have grown and ripened in my mind over the years into beautiful flowers, and these flowers are now presented to you. The quotes from my books are also like the beatitudes of Jesus in Mathew 5: 3-12 to remind us all to return our wandering minds back to God in our present time, back to mindfulness and awareness. In this life here on earth, we are all rowing the same boat, and there are ominous storms on the horizon. We need to row in harmony, to renounce hatred, anger, fear, and pride. We also need to have the courage to do the right thing even if, it’s little bit dangerous, and for this is how man finds himself. We need to love and respect one another, to see and appreciate the innate beauty and dignity of everyone, because we are all Souls, all of the same substance. Lastly I can say that, a person can win at almost anything hard even when traumatised in his life, as far as he has unlimited enthusiasm; because “We are never defeated unless we give up on God.”